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off-road of a type of vehicle used primarily for areas other than streets and highways, such as a dune buggy.
off-season a period of less frequent use, activity, or visitation. [2 definitions]
offset to balance or compensate for. [9 definitions]
offset printing a printing process in which the inked impression is made on a rubber roller or blanket, from which it is then transferred to paper; offset.
offshoot a branch or shoot from a main stem, as of a plant. [2 definitions]
offshore away from the shore. [4 definitions]
offside ahead of the ball or puck, or beyond the line or area prescribed by the rules of a sport such as hockey or football.
offspring the child, young, or descendant of a particular parent or ancestor. [2 definitions]
offstage not on the visible part of the stage; in the wings or backstage. [3 definitions]
off the air not broadcast on radio or television.
off the beaten path in a place difficult to reach or not often visited. [2 definitions]
off the beaten track in a place difficult to reach or not often visited. [2 definitions]
off the cuff (informal) in an unplanned manner; without much forethought. [2 definitions]
off-the-record not for quotation or attribution in a publication. [2 definitions]
off the record not intended for publication. [2 definitions]
off-the-shelf designating merchandise that is in stock and ready for use. [2 definitions]
off the track not relevant to the pertinent point or issue; astray.
off the wagon (informal) no longer refraining from drinking alcohol.
offtrack of or denoting a system of legalized betting, esp. on horse racing, at locations other than race tracks.
off-white white mixed with a small amount of yellow, light brown, or gray.
off year a year in which production or activity is less or worse than usual. [2 definitions]