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Old Nick the devil; Satan.
Old Norse the Germanic language of Scandinavia before the fourteenth century.
Old Prussian a Baltic language that died out in the seventeenth century.
old rose a grayish or purplish red color.
Old Saxon a Low German dialect prior to the twelfth century.
old school those committed to traditional or established custom. [2 definitions]
oldsquaw a black marine duck with a white breast.
oldster (informal) someone who is old.
old style a style of print type originating in the eighteenth century, in which the letters had a fairly uniform narrowness and slanting serifs. [2 definitions]
Old Testament the Christian name for the Hebrew Scriptures that make up the first of two main divisions of the Christian Bible but the whole of the Jewish Bible. (Cf. New Testament.) [2 definitions]
old-time of, concerning, or typical of long-past times. [2 definitions]
old-timer someone or something that is old. [2 definitions]
old wives' tale a superstition, usu. embodied as a folk tale or bit of folk wisdom.
Old World the Eastern Hemisphere, esp. Europe or European culture.
old-world of, concerning, or reminiscent of Europe or Europeans. [2 definitions]
-ole any of certain chemical compounds containing a five-member, usu. heterocyclic ring. [2 definitions]
olé used to express approval or excitement, usu. heard in Hispanic countries.
oleaginous of, concerning, or like oil; oily. [3 definitions]
oleander any of several poisonous evergreen shrubs of the dogbane family that bear white, pink, or red blossoms.
oleate an ester or salt of oleic acid.
oleic of, pertaining to, or derived from oil or oleic acid.