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-on1 subatomic particle. [3 definitions]
-on2 used in naming inert gases.
-on3 a chemical compound that does not contain oxygen in a carbonyl group.
on above and supported by. [19 definitions]
on account of because of.
on a dime (informal) with great quickness, precision, or accuracy.
on and on at excessive length.
on an even keel well-balanced or stable.
onanism self-gratification, esp. masturbation. [2 definitions]
on approval for determination of satisfaction, without obligation to buy.
on a silver platter without having to expend effort; undeservedly.
on bail temporarily released from custody after bail is given.
onboard transported, used, or installed upon a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle. [4 definitions]
once at one time in the past; formerly. [7 definitions]
once and for all firmly and decisively, with absolute finality. [2 definitions]
once in a blue moon from time to time, but very rarely.
once in a while sometimes but not very often; occasionally.
once-over (informal) a hasty look at and evaluation of something or someone.
onchocerciasis a tropical disease transmitted by flies in which parasitic worms cause itchy rashes, skin lesions, blindness, and sometimes elephantiasis; river blindness.
oncidium any of various tropical orchids.
oncology the medical science concerned with cancer, esp. with tumors.