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one-to-one matching or corresponding, as each element of one set with a specific element of another.
one-track concerned exclusively with one idea, topic, or the like. [2 definitions]
one-two in boxing, a sequence of two punches, such as a quick jab with the left fist followed immediately by a hard punch with the right.
one-up to surpass (someone) in order not to be bettered or lose face.
one-upmanship the method, practice, or habit of always trying to surpass or gain an advantage over others so as not to be bettered.
one-way proceeding in or restricting motion to a single direction. [3 definitions]
on fire burning; in flames. [3 definitions]
on foot by walking.
ongoing existing continuously from some time in the past into the present.
on guard alert and prepared.
on hand readily available.
on her beam-ends of a ship, tipping so far to one side as to be nearly capsizing.
on hold waiting to complete a telephone call.
on ice (informal) in reserve.
onion a round, sharp-tasting bulb used extensively in cooking and as a flavoring. [2 definitions]
onionskin a translucent paper, often used for typing.
on (one's) last legs having very little remaining energy, strength, hope, or ability to function; liable to collapse or die.
online connected to or reached through a computer or computer network. [3 definitions]
onlooker someone who watches; observer; spectator.
only solely; as the sole instance. [8 definitions]
on occasion now and then; irregularly.