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on second thought after thinking it over; upon reconsideration.
onset the early stage; beginning. [2 definitions]
onshore to, toward, near, or on a coast or shore. [3 definitions]
on-site on or at the usual location of something.
onslaught a forceful, often sudden, offensive maneuver; attack.
on someone's coattails by association with someone else.
onstage on the performing area of a stage, or pertaining to things, actions, or the like on such an area. [2 definitions]
on tap ready to be served from a cask, as beer or ale. [2 definitions]
Ontario a south central Canadian province on the Great Lakes. [2 definitions]
on tenterhooks in a condition of anxiety, tension, or uneasy suspense.
on the air broadcast on radio or television.
on the average usually; ordinarily.
on the ball acting with efficiency and competence. [2 definitions]
on the blink not functioning; needing repair.
on the carpet being reprimanded or closely questioned by someone in authority, such as one's employer.
on the contrary in contradiction to something already said.
on the dot (informal) exactly on time; punctually.
on the double (informal) right away; immediately.
on the downgrade losing rank, status, position, or wealth; declining.
on the house free, as a gift from a business establishment.
on the mend getting better, esp. in health; recuperating.