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on the rebound just after the bounce of a ball or the like. [2 definitions]
on the road traveling, esp. as a salesperson, performer, or theatrical company.
on the rocks in a state of financial ruin. [2 definitions]
on the shelf inactive or unused; put aside; reserved for future use or consideration.
on the sly secretly; stealthily.
on the spot at once; immediately. [2 definitions]
on the spur of the moment without much thought; on a sudden impulse.
on the upgrade improving, rising, or gaining importance.
on the uptake in understanding, realizing, or grasping.
on the wagon (informal) refraining from drinking alcohol.
on the warpath seeking, preparing for, or fighting in a war or warlike conflict. [2 definitions]
on the whole all things considered; in general; for the most part.
on the wrong tack pursuing an inappropriate or mistaken course of action; misguided.
ontic having true and ultimate existence.
on time at the correct time for an event that is planned.
on tiptoe standing or walking on the toes, esp. to proceed quietly or cautiously. [2 definitions]
onto to a position on or on top of. [2 definitions]
onto- existence; being. [2 definitions]
ontogeny the process of biological growth and development of a particular living organism. (Cf. phylogeny.)
ontological of or pertaining to the philosophical study of existence and the nature of reality.
ontological argument an a priori argument for the existence of God that asserts that existence is a perfection and that God is the most perfect being, and therefore that God must exist.