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once in a while sometimes but not very often; occasionally.
once-over (informal) a hasty look at and evaluation of something or someone.
onchocerciasis a tropical disease transmitted by flies in which parasitic worms cause itchy rashes, skin lesions, blindness, and sometimes elephantiasis; river blindness.
oncidium any of various tropical orchids.
oncology the medical science concerned with cancer, esp. with tumors.
oncoming coming toward or near; approaching. [2 definitions]
on consignment of goods, sent to a selling agent, with payment to be made after the goods are sold.
on deck in baseball, next in line to bat. [2 definitions]
on draft available to be drawn from a keg or cask; not bottled.
on duty in the process of doing one's job.
-one a ketone, or a related or similar chemical compound containing oxygen.
one being single in number. [11 definitions]
one by one one at a time; one after another; singly.
on edge nervous or anxious; full of worry. [2 definitions]
one-digit number a whole number containing one digit, such as 2.
one for the road one last drink, esp. an alcoholic beverage, that is taken before departing.
one-horse designed for or using only one horse. [2 definitions]
Oneida a member of a tribe of North American Indians living in Canada and New York State and belonging to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
oneiric of or relating to dreams.
oneiromancy the practice of attempting to foretell the future by the interpretation of dreams.
one-liner a short witty or amusing remark.