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oophorectomy a surgical operation involving the removal of one or both ovaries; ovariotomy.
oophoritis inflammation of one or both ovaries; ovaritis.
oops a mild expression of dismay, sudden embarrassment, or unpleasant surprise, esp. at one's own mistake; whoops.
ootheca an egg case, as of certain insects or mollusks.
ooze1 to seep out gradually and slowly, as liquid, gas, or sound may do. [7 definitions]
ooze2 any particularly soft mud, or an area, such as a marsh, that is soft and muddy. [2 definitions]
ooze leather calfskin, sheepskin, or goatskin leather, having a velvety finish.
oozy1 giving off, or wet with, moisture.
oozy2 of, like, or having soft mud.
op- against. [2 definitions]
opacity the quality, state, or degree of being opaque; lack of transparency. [4 definitions]
opal a variously colored, often iridescent, hydrated form of silica often used as a semiprecious stone.
opalescent exhibiting a spectrum of colors or changing colors like that of an opal; iridescent. [2 definitions]
opaline like opal; opalescent. [2 definitions]
opaque not allowing light to pass through. (Cf. transparent.) [6 definitions]
op art a style of abstract, usu. hard-edged art in which forms, spaces, and colors are deliberately arranged to produce optical ambiguities and illusions.
op. cit. abbreviation of "opere citato" (Latin); in the work cited.
ope (archaic) to open. [2 definitions]
OPEC abbreviation of "Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries."
op-ed a newspaper page, generally appearing opposite the editorial page, that presents the submitted opinions or contributions of readers, or a single signed article on such a page. [2 definitions]
open allowing entry or access; not shut, enclosed, or fastened. [27 definitions]