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ophthalmo- eye.
ophthalmologist a doctor who specializes in the study and treatment of eye diseases.
ophthalmology the medical study of the eye, its diseases, and their treatments.
ophthalmoscope an instrument for examining the retina and the interior of the eyeball.
-opia a condition or defect of vision or of the eye.
opiate any of a number of drugs containing or derived from opium that induces calmness, stupor, or sleep, or relieves pain. [7 definitions]
opine to present or believe as one's own opinion. [2 definitions]
opinion what one thinks about a matter, esp. a judgment not necessarily based on fact alone. [5 definitions]
opinionated having definite and unchangeable opinions, often seemingly on all subjects.
opinionative of, like, or based on an opinion. [2 definitions]
opioid any natural or synthetic compound, including heroin, morphine, and certain prescription pain relievers, that binds opioid receptors and has an analgesic or narcotic effect. [2 definitions]
opioid epidemic a rapid increase in the use of prescription and non-prescription opioid drugs, beginning in the late 1990s and continuing into the early decades of the 2000s.
opioid receptor any of a group of protein molecules that bind opioids, resulting in an inhibitory response.
opium an addictive drug derived from one variety of poppy, containing various narcotic substances, and producing calm, stupor, sleep, or relief from pain. [2 definitions]
opium poppy a Eurasian annual poppy having grayish-green leaves and bearing large white, red, pink, or purple flowers, and oily seeds, the unripe pods of which may be harvested for their opium-containing sap.
opossum any of a number of American marsupials that are active at night and live in trees. [2 definitions]
opossum shrimp a small shrimplike crustacean, the female of which carries her eggs in a pouch between the legs.
opp. abbreviation of "opposite."
opponent one who opposes; antagonist; foe.
opportune favorable or suitable, esp. in relation to time.
opportunism an act or the habitual practice of taking advantage of situations for one's own ends without considering principles or the effects on others.