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oppress to treat harshly, brutally, or unfairly. [2 definitions]
oppression the act of oppressing, or the condition of being oppressed. [3 definitions]
oppressive harsh, brutal, or cruel. [2 definitions]
opprobrious expressing condemnation or scorn; accusing of shameful behavior. [2 definitions]
opprobrium a condition of disgrace or shame; ignominy. [3 definitions]
oppugn to oppose, contradict, criticize, or call into question.
Oprah Winfrey influential U.S. talk-show host, actor, philanthropist, and reputedly the first African-American woman billionaire (b.1954).
-opsis something resembling (whatever is specified). [2 definitions]
-opsy examination; scrutiny.
opt to decide; choose (usu. fol. by "for" or an infinitive).
optic of or concerning the eye or the sense of sight. [3 definitions]
optical of or concerning the sense of sight or the eye. [5 definitions]
optical disk a disk on which material such as information, pictures, or music is stored in the form of tiny depressions and from which it is retrieved or played by means of a laser scanner. [2 definitions]
optician a person who sells or manufactures eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other optical devices. .
optic nerve either one of the two nerves that connect the retinas of the eyes to the brain.
optics (used with a sing. verb) the science of sight and the properties of light.
optimal most wanted or desirable; producing or likely to produce the best result; optimum.
optimism the belief that everything will turn out well, or that there are good aspects of every situation. (Cf. pessimism.) [3 definitions]
optimist one who usually or in a specific instance expects a good outcome. (Cf. pessimist.) [2 definitions]
optimistic expecting or tending to expect favorable outcomes. [2 definitions]
optimize to make the most effective use of (something), or to make as effective, perfect, or well-functioning as possible.