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optometrist one who practices optometry.
optometry the profession of examining eyes, diagnosing defects in eyesight, and prescribing corrective lenses or exercises.
opulence the condition of being opulent. [2 definitions]
opulent having or displaying wealth and luxury. [2 definitions]
opus a work of fine or literary art, esp. a musical composition numbered to indicate its chronological place in the composer's works.
-or1 a variant of -er1.
-or2 activity; quality; condition; characteristic.
OR1 abbreviation of "Oregon," a northwestern U.S. state on the Pacific coast between Washington and California.
OR2 abbreviation of "operating room."
or used to indicate alternatives. [5 definitions]
oracle in ancient Greece, a shrine, priest, or priestess dedicated to a god and often consulted for prophecies or advice. [3 definitions]
oracular of, like, pertaining to, or having the nature of an oracle; prophetic; wise; mysterious. [3 definitions]
oral spoken, as opposed to written; accomplished by speaking. [3 definitions]
oral history historical data, often tape-recorded, that comprises firsthand oral accounts and recollections relating to historical events or traditions. [2 definitions]
oral surgery a branch of dentistry that uses surgery as treatment for certain disorders of the teeth, gums, and jaws.
orange a spherical fruit with a reddish yellow rind and a sweet, acidic, edible pulp on the inside. [5 definitions]
orangeade a soft drink made with orange juice or orange flavoring.
Orangeman a member of a secret society of Irish Protestants that was formed in 1795. [2 definitions]
orange pekoe a black tea of India or Sri Lanka.
orange stick a slender stick with one rounded and one pointed end that is used in manicuring, originally made of orangewood.
orangewood a hard, fine-grained wood obtained from orange trees.