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oratorical of, pertaining to, or characteristic of oratory or an orator. [2 definitions]
oratorio a musical composition for voices and orchestra without costumes or scenery, usu. dramatizing a biblical subject.
oratory1 the art of public speaking. [2 definitions]
oratory2 a small chapel or room for private worship or prayer.
orb a spherical body such as a globe or planet. [3 definitions]
orbicular shaped like an orb; spherical. [2 definitions]
orbit the curved path in which a planet, satellite, or spacecraft revolves about another body. [7 definitions]
orca see "killer whale."
orchard an area of land planted with fruit or nut trees. [2 definitions]
orchestra a group of musicians who play various instruments and perform together. [3 definitions]
orchestrate to write or arrange (music) to be played by an orchestra. [2 definitions]
orchid any of numerous mostly tropical plants that bear blossoms of various and exotic colors and shapes. [3 definitions]
orchil any of several lichens that yield purple or reddish dyes. [2 definitions]
orchis any of a genus of orchids bearing small purple or white flowers that grow in spikes.
orcinol a white crystalline compound that turns red on exposure to air, used as a reagent for certain carbohydrates.
ordain to proclaim or authorize (a person) to be a Christian priest or minister, or a rabbi, esp. by a formal ceremony. [4 definitions]
ordeal a painful, exhausting, or emotionally trying experience, esp. when regarded as a test of a person's endurance or character. [2 definitions]
order a direction or command. [17 definitions]
orderable combined form of order.
orderless combined form of order.
orderly characterized by a neat and methodical arrangement. [5 definitions]