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orderable combined form of order.
orderless combined form of order.
orderly characterized by a neat and methodical arrangement. [5 definitions]
Order of the Garter the highest order of British knighthood.
ordinal of a particular position in a numbered order. [3 definitions]
ordinal number any number that is used to express order in a series, such as first, second, or tenth. (Cf. cardinal number.)
ordinance a regulation, law, decree, or rule, esp. one issued by a city or town.
ordinarily as a rule; usually. [2 definitions]
ordinary usual or normal. [5 definitions]
ordinate the distance of a point from the horizontal axis of a graph as measured parallel to the vertical axis. (Cf. abscissa.)
ordination the act or ceremony of ordaining or the state of being ordained.
ordnance military weapons and their attendant supplies and equipment. [2 definitions]
Ordovician of, relating to, or designating the geological period between the Cambrian and Silurian of the Paleozoic Era, from approximately 500 million to 440 million years ago, when marine invertebrate animals were abundant. [2 definitions]
ordure solid excrement; dung.
öre the smaller monetary unit of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. (Cf. krona, kroner, krone.)
Ore. abbreviation of "Oregon."
ore a mineral or rock substance from which a metal or other useful element or compound can be extracted.
oregano a plant related to mint and marjoram that is dried and used as a seasoning.
Oregon a northwestern U.S. state on the Pacific coast between Washington and California. (abbr.: OR)
or else or you will be sorry.
Orestes in the ancient Greek dramatic trilogy The Oresteia by Aeschylus, the protagonist, who avenges his father's death by killing his mother and her lover.