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outlandish strikingly unusual, odd, or bizarre.
outlast to last or live longer than.
outlaw one whose activities repeatedly violate the law; habitual criminal. [5 definitions]
outlay the spending of money, or an amount spent. [2 definitions]
outleap combined form of leap.
outlearn combined form of learn.
outlet an opening through which something is released or allowed to escape; vent. [5 definitions]
outlier any person or thing that exists beyond its ordinary place or beyond a larger group or mass of which it is a part.
outline a line or shape marking the boundaries of a figure or object. [5 definitions]
outlive to live or last longer than; outlast. [2 definitions]
outlook future prospect. [3 definitions]
out loud loudly enough to be heard; not silently; aloud.
outlying away from the center or hub; distant or out-of-the-way.
outman to be greater in number of men; outnumber.
outmaneuver to gain an advantage over, by clever maneuvering. [2 definitions]
outmanipulate combined form of manipulate.
outmatch to surpass in strength, quality, or the like; outdo.
outmoded no longer in fashion; unfashionable. [2 definitions]
outmost most distant from a fixed point or center; farthest out; outermost.
outmuscle combined form of muscle.
outnumber to exceed in number.