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out-of-bounds in sports, outside the area designated for legal play. [2 definitions]
out of bounds beyond a boundary or an outer limit. [2 definitions]
out of commission not in service or working condition.
out-of-date old-fashioned or obsolete; outmoded.
out of date not modern or fashionable.
out-of-door outdoor.
out-of-doors outdoors.
out of doors outside of a building; in the open air.
out of joint not joined in a proper or usual manner; dislocated. [3 definitions]
out of one's mind insane or distracted.
out of order not working; broken.
out of place in a wrong, unfitting, or untypical location. [2 definitions]
out of plumb not truly vertical.
out-of-pocket requiring an outlay of cash. [2 definitions]
out of print no longer offered by the publisher.
out of sight (slang) great or wonderful.
out of sorts in an irritable temper. [2 definitions]
out of stock not present for use or sale.
out of sync not happening, working, or moving together; not operating at the same time and rate; not synchronized. [2 definitions]
out of the blue without warning; suddenly.
out of the frying pan into the fire from a bad position into one that is even worse.