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out of breath in a state of having to breathe very hard.
out of business in or into a state of total inactivity as a commercial enterprise; defunct as a business.
out of commission not in service or working condition.
out-of-date old-fashioned or obsolete; outmoded.
out of date not modern or fashionable. [2 definitions]
out-of-door outdoor.
out-of-doors outdoors.
out of doors outside of a building; in the open air.
out of joint not joined in a proper or usual manner; dislocated. [3 definitions]
out of one's mind not able to think with a clear mind; insane.
out of order not working; not in operation. [2 definitions]
out of place in a wrong, unfitting, or untypical location. [2 definitions]
out of plumb not truly vertical.
out-of-pocket requiring an outlay of cash. [2 definitions]
out of print no longer offered by the publisher.
out of shape no longer having the correct shape, or, of the body, no longer physically fit.
out of sight visible no longer. [2 definitions]
out of sorts in an irritable temper. [2 definitions]
out of stock currently unavailable for sale; not present within the merchandise of the store. [2 definitions]
out of sync not operating at the same time and rate; not happening, working, or moving together as required; not synchronized. [2 definitions]
out of the blue without warning; suddenly.