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outbalance to be greater than in value, weight, or the like; outweigh.
outbargain combined form of bargain.
outbid to make a higher bid or offer than (another).
outboard located on the outside of a ship's hull or bulwarks. [3 definitions]
outboard motor a small portable gasoline engine with a propeller, which is mounted onto the stern of a boat.
outbound headed outward or away.
outbrag combined form of brag.
outbrawl combined form of brawl.
outbreak a sudden breaking out; eruption. [2 definitions]
outbuilding a building separate from but related to a main building.
outbulk combined form of bulk.
outburst a bursting forth or out, as of activity or emotion; eruption.
outbuy combined form of buy.
outcast one who is cast out or rejected by society or a group. [2 definitions]
outcatch combined form of catch.
outcharge combined form of charge.
outclass to be superior to; surpass.
outclimb combined form of climb.
outcoach combined form of coach.
outcome a result of something; consequence.
outcompete combined form of compete.