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outclass to be superior to; surpass.
outclimb combined form of climb.
outcoach combined form of coach.
outcome a result of something; consequence.
outcompete combined form of compete.
outcrop a protrusion of rock above the surface of the soil. [2 definitions]
outcry a loud cry, shout, or uproar. [2 definitions]
outdance combined form of dance.
outdated unfashionable or obsolete; out of date.
outdazzle combined form of dazzle.
outdebate combined form of debate.
outdeliver combined form of deliver.
outdesign combined form of design.
outdid past tense of "outdo."
outdistance to leave far behind, as in a race; outrun.
outdo to do more or better than; surpass or exceed.
outdone past participle of "outdo."
outdoor characteristic of or happening in the open air.
outdoors in the open air; outside. [2 definitions]
outdoorsman a man devoted to outdoor activities, esp. fishing, hiking, hunting, and the like.
outdoorswoman a woman devoted to outdoor activities, esp. horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and the like.