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outer ear the part of the ear that is visible outside of the head and which includes the auricle and the canal leading to the eardrum.
outermost farthest from the center or interior.
outer space space beyond the defined boundaries of a celestial body, esp. the earth.
outerwear garments such as coats or jackets that are worn over other clothes, or clothing worn outdoors.
outface to overcome (another) by means of a bold or defiant look. [2 definitions]
outfall the outlet or place of discharge of a drain, sewer, or the like.
outfield the area of a baseball field beyond the infield. [2 definitions]
outfielder a baseball player whose position is in the outfield.
outfight combined form of fight.
outfigure combined form of figure.
outfish combined form of fish.
outfit a set of articles assembled for a particular activity. [5 definitions]
outflank to maneuver around or beyond the side or flank of (a military opponent). [2 definitions]
outflow a flowing out of anything, or the quantity that flows out. [2 definitions]
outfox to outwit or gain the advantage over through cunning; outsmart.
outfumble combined form of fumble.
outgain combined form of gain.
outgeneral to outdo or excel in commanding, managing, or functioning as a leader.
outglitter combined form of glitter.
outgo to leave far behind; outdistance. [4 definitions]
outgoing going out or leaving, as a vessel; outbound. [3 definitions]