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outstare to stare longer or in a colder or harder way than; stare down; outface.
outstay to stay longer than.
outstretch to stretch or stretch out. [2 definitions]
outstride combined form of stride.
outstrip to go faster or farther than; outrun. [2 definitions]
outswear combined form of swear.
outswim combined form of swim.
outtalk to outdo or surpass in length, frequency, volume, or effectiveness of talking.
outthink to think more rapidly, efficiently, or cunningly than. [2 definitions]
outthrow combined form of throw.
out to lunch (slang) out of touch with reality.
outtrade combined form of trade.
outvie combined form of vie.
outvote to defeat or outdo in voting.
outwait to wait or be patient longer than (someone else).
outwalk combined form of walk.
outward on, or moving or directed toward, the outside or surface of; external or exterior. [8 definitions]
outwardly toward, on, or relating to the outside. [2 definitions]
outwatch combined form of watch.
outwear to wear better or last longer than. [3 definitions]
outweigh to be heavier than. [2 definitions]