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over above in position; higher than. [29 definitions]
over- excessive; too much. [2 definitions]
over a barrel unable to refuse a demand because of the circumstances.
overabstract combined form of abstract.
overabundance an excessive quantity or amount; more than is needed; surfeit.
overabundant combined form of abundant.
overaccentuate combined form of accentuate.
overachieve to perform at a level higher than one's expected or usual level. [2 definitions]
overact to portray (a dramatic role) with an exaggerated manner; overplay.
overadjustment combined form of adjustment.
overadvertise combined form of advertise.
overage1 past the stated or required age, as for military service. [2 definitions]
overage2 merchandise, funds, or the like exceeding the amount recorded; unexplained surplus.
overaggressive combined form of aggressive.
overalert combined form of alert.
overall from one limit to the other; entire. [5 definitions]
overalls loose-fitting, heavy cotton trousers with a bib and shoulder straps, often worn over clothes for protection from soiling. [2 definitions]
overambitious combined form of ambitious.
overamplified combined form of amplified.
overanalysis combined form of analysis.
overanalytical combined form of analytical.