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overabundant combined form of abundant.
overaccentuate combined form of accentuate.
overachieve to perform at a level higher than one's expected or usual level. [2 definitions]
overact to portray (a dramatic role) with an exaggerated manner; overplay.
overadjustment combined form of adjustment.
overadvertise combined form of advertise.
overage1 past the stated or required age, as for military service. [2 definitions]
overage2 merchandise, funds, or the like exceeding the amount recorded; unexplained surplus.
overaggressive combined form of aggressive.
overalert combined form of alert.
overall from one limit to the other; entire. [5 definitions]
overalls loose-fitting, heavy cotton trousers with a bib and shoulder straps, often worn over clothes for protection from soiling. [2 definitions]
overambitious combined form of ambitious.
overamplified combined form of amplified.
overanalysis combined form of analysis.
overanalytical combined form of analytical.
overanalyze combined form of analyze.
over and above in addition to; besides.
over and over repeatedly; again and again.
overanxiety combined form of anxiety.
overanxious combined form of anxious.