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overanxious combined form of anxious.
overapplication combined form of application.
overarch to form an arch over. [2 definitions]
overarm performed by swinging the arm over the level of the shoulder.
overarousal combined form of arousal.
overarrange combined form of arrange.
overarticulate combined form of articulate.
overassert combined form of assert.
overassertion combined form of assertion.
overassertive combined form of assertive.
overassessment combined form of assessment.
overattention combined form of attention.
overawe to cause to be subdued by awe; intimidate.
overbake combined form of bake.
overbalance to have more importance or weight than; outweigh. [3 definitions]
overbear to bring down, press upon, or crush using force or weight. [3 definitions]
overbearing arrogantly dominating; dictatorial.
overbeat combined form of beat.
overbejeweled combined form of bejeweled.
overbid to bid more than (another person or the correct value of something). [3 definitions]
overbite an abnormal dental condition in which the upper front teeth project over the lower.