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overfertilization combined form of fertilization.
overfertilize combined form of fertilize.
overfishing fishing at a rate that prevents the natural replenishment of stock, thus endangering future harvests.
overflow to flow over the top edge of a containing channel or receptacle. [10 definitions]
overfly to fly an aircraft over (a specific area, esp. of a foreign country) for the purpose of reconnaissance. [2 definitions]
overfond combined form of fond.
overfulfill combined form of fulfill.
overfund combined form of fund.
overfussy combined form of fussy.
overgeneralization combined form of generalization.
overgeneralize combined form of generalize.
overgenerosity combined form of generosity.
overgenerous combined form of generous.
overgenerously combined form of generously.
overglamorize combined form of glamorize.
overgrew past tense of "overgrow."
overgrow to spread over with a thick cover of foliage. [2 definitions]
overgrown past participle of "overgrow."
overgrowth a growth that covers or spreads over something. [2 definitions]
overhand with the palm downward. [4 definitions]
overhandle combined form of handle.