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overhasty combined form of hasty.
overhaul to go over thoroughly, taking apart as necessary and making all needed repairs. [3 definitions]
overhead at any height directly or generally above the head. [5 definitions]
overhead projector a machine, used in teaching, that projects a transparency upon a mirror, which then reflects it in enlarged form upon a wall.
overhear to hear (someone speaking) without his or her knowledge.
overheard past tense and past participle of "overhear."
overheat to become or cause to become too hot. [2 definitions]
overhomogenize combined form of homogenize.
overhunt combined form of hunt.
overhunting combined form of hunting.
overhype combined form of hype.
overidealize combined form of idealize.
overidentification combined form of identification.
overidentify combined form of identify.
overimaginative combined form of imaginative.
overindebtedness combined form of indebtedness.
overindulge to engage in some action or use something to excess; indulge too much. [2 definitions]
overindulgence combined form of indulgence.
overindulgent combined form of indulgent.
overindustrialize combined form of industrialize.
overinflate combined form of inflate.