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overintense combined form of intense.
overintensity combined form of intensity.
overinterpretation combined form of interpretation.
overinvestment combined form of investment.
overjoy to make extremely happy; delight.
overjoyed overflowing with joy; exceedingly happy.
overkill an instance or practice of taking excessive measures to deal with a problem, esp. by the use of excessive firepower. [2 definitions]
overlabor combined form of labor.
overlabored combined form of labored.
overladen combined form of laden.
overland across the land; by land travel. [2 definitions]
overlap to cover or extend over part of. [6 definitions]
overlarge combined form of large.
overlavish combined form of lavish.
overlay to set or lay (something) over something. [5 definitions]
overleaf on the other side of a page or sheet.
overleap to leap over or across. [2 definitions]
overlength combined form of length.
overlengthen combined form of lengthen.
overlie to lie upon or over.
overliteral combined form of literal.