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overlavish combined form of lavish.
overlay to set or lay (something) over something. [5 definitions]
overleaf on the other side of a page or sheet.
overleap to leap over or across. [2 definitions]
overlength combined form of length.
overlengthen combined form of lengthen.
overlie to lie upon or over.
overliteral combined form of literal.
overliterary combined form of literary.
overload to put too heavy or great a load in or on; overburden. [2 definitions]
overlook to fail to notice, perceive, or consider. [6 definitions]
overlord a ruler of other people or of other rulers. [2 definitions]
overloud combined form of loud.
overlush combined form of lush.
overly to the point of excess; too.
overman to supply with more personnel than necessary.
overmanage combined form of manage.
overmannered combined form of mannered.
overmaster to overcome or subdue; become master over.
overmatch to match against a competitor who is too large, too well-conditioned, or too skillful. [2 definitions]
overmature combined form of mature.