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overutilize combined form of utilize.
overvalue to overestimate the price, importance, or worth of (something or someone).
overview a general review, summary, or survey, as of a subject or situation.
overviolent combined form of violent.
overvivid combined form of vivid.
overwater combined form of water.
overweary combined form of weary.
overweening particularly forward, vain, and self-promoting. [2 definitions]
overweigh to burden or oppress. [2 definitions]
overweight weighing more than is ideal or healthy, or more than is allowed by some regulation; excessively heavy. [4 definitions]
overwhelm to overcome by superior force; destroy. [3 definitions]
overwhelming able to overpower completely. [2 definitions]
overwithhold combined form of withhold.
overwork to cause to work too many hours; exhaust with labor. [4 definitions]
overwrite to write (something) over or on top of (other writing or a surface). [3 definitions]
overwrought disturbed by excessive worry or agitation. [3 definitions]
overzealous combined form of zealous.
overzealousness combined form of zealousness.
ovi- egg; ovum.
Ovid a Roman poet (43 B.C.-17? A.D.).
oviduct a tube that carries eggs from the ovary to the uterus.