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overwork to cause to work too many hours; exhaust with labor. [4 definitions]
overwrite to write (something) over or on top of (other writing or a surface). [3 definitions]
overwrought disturbed by excessive worry or agitation. [3 definitions]
overzealous combined form of zealous.
overzealousness combined form of zealousness.
ovi- egg; ovum.
Ovid a Roman poet (43 B.C.-17? A.D.).
oviduct a tube that carries eggs from the ovary to the uterus.
oviform shaped like an egg.
oviparous of animals, reproducing by means of hatching eggs outside the body of the parent. (Cf. viviparous.)
ovipositor a tubular organ in many female insects, usu. at the end of the abdomen, for depositing eggs. [2 definitions]
ovoid of a solid object, having the shape of an egg. [3 definitions]
ovulate to release eggs from the ovary.
ovule a very small plant part that develops into a seed when fertilized. [2 definitions]
ovum the female reproductive cell in animals or plants; gamete.
ow ouch (used to express sudden or sharp pain).
owe to be obligated to repay. [4 definitions]
owing as yet unpaid; due.
owing to because of; due to; resulting from.
owl any of various nocturnal birds of prey that have large eyes set in the front of a large head, a strong hooked beak, and strong, sharp talons.
owlet a small or immature owl.