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paddleball a game played on a handball court following handball rules, but in which the ball, resembling a tennis ball, is hit with a short-handled, perforated paddle.
paddlefish a large fish, found in the Mississippi and Yangtze river basins, that has a long flat snout shaped like a paddle.
paddle tennis a modified form of tennis, handball, and squash played on an outdoor court with wooden paddles and a rubber ball.
paddle wheel an engine-driven or pedal-operated wheel that has boards or paddles fixed at right angles around its circumference, used to propel a boat, esp. a river steamboat.
paddock an enclosed field, usu. near a barn, for grazing or exercising horses. [2 definitions]
Paddy (slang; often derogatory) an Irishman.
paddy a flooded field for growing rice.
padlock a portable lock for fastening doors, boxes, cables, and the like. [2 definitions]
padre father (a form of address used for a priest in Spanish-speaking countries).
padrone a master; boss. [2 definitions]
paduasoy a rich, strong, corded silk fabric. [2 definitions]
paean a song or hymn sung as an expression of praise.
paella a Spanish dish combining chicken, rice, vegetables, and usu. meat and seafood, that is seasoned with saffron.
paeon a metrical unit of one long and three short syllables that may occur in any order.
pagan a person professing belief in a polytheistic religion. [6 definitions]
paganize to make or become pagan.
page1 one side of a sheet of printed or written paper. [6 definitions]
page2 esp. formerly, a young person who attends someone of authority such as a king. [3 definitions]
pageant a public spectacle with much colorful display, often celebrating and commemorating events of history or legend and presenting scenes from these. [2 definitions]
pageantry grand, colorful, or spectacular display. [3 definitions]
pageboy a hair style in which the hair is worn in a straight long bob, with the ends rolled under.