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Pali the ancient Indic dialect that is the scriptural language of Buddhism.
palimony a form of alimony, granted or paid after the separation of an unmarried couple who have lived as though married for a substantial period.
palimpsest a piece of parchment or other writing material on which a text has been written over one or more earlier texts that are still partially visible.
palindrome a word, number, phrase, or longer expression with letters or numbers in the same order both backward as forward, such as "level," "1881," and "Able was I ere I saw Elba".
paling a fence built of pales. [3 definitions]
palinode a poem whose contents retract something stated in a previous poem. [2 definitions]
palisade a tall strong fence of pointed stakes. [3 definitions]
pall1 a heavy cloth covering for a funeral casket, hearse, or tomb. [3 definitions]
pall2 to become boring or distasteful; cause weariness.
palladic of or containing tetravalent palladium.
Palladium a statue of Athena, esp. one placed at the citadel of Troy as divine protection for the city. [2 definitions]
palladium a chemical element that has forty-six protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a dense, malleable, corrosion-resistant silver-white solid metal, used esp. as a catalyst and in alloys. (symbol: Pd)
palladous of or containing divalent palladium.
pallbearer one of several persons who carry or accompany the casket at a funeral.
pallet1 a small or temporary bed, or mattress stuffed with straw.
pallet2 a movable, usu. wooden platform on which freight goods are moved or stored. [2 definitions]
palliate to lessen the effect of; make less severe, esp. without curing. [2 definitions]
palliative tending or acting to relieve or palliate. [2 definitions]
pallid pale or whitened; lacking color. [2 definitions]
pallium a cloak worn by men in ancient Greece and Rome; himation. [3 definitions]
pall-mall a popular seventeenth-century game in which a boxwood ball was struck with a mallet in order to drive it through an iron ring at the end of a playing alley. [2 definitions]