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pallet2 a movable, usu. wooden platform on which freight goods are moved or stored. [2 definitions]
palliate to lessen the effect of; make less severe, esp. without curing. [2 definitions]
palliative tending or acting to relieve or palliate. [2 definitions]
pallid pale or whitened; lacking color. [2 definitions]
pallium a cloak worn by men in ancient Greece and Rome; himation. [3 definitions]
pall-mall a popular seventeenth-century game in which a boxwood ball was struck with a mallet in order to drive it through an iron ring at the end of a playing alley. [2 definitions]
pallor unnatural paleness, esp. of the face.
palm1 the inner surface of the hand, between the wrist and the base of the fingers. [4 definitions]
palm2 any of numerous mainly tropical evergreen plants, usu. an unbranched tree having a crown of large divided leaves, or fronds. [3 definitions]
palmate shaped like a hand with the fingers extended and spread, as various natural forms such as leaves. [2 definitions]
palm crab a large land-dwelling crab of the South Pacific that feeds on coconuts.
palmer a pilgrim, esp. of medieval Europe, who carried a palm leaf as a sign of having made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
palmetto any of various low-growing palms that have fan-shaped leaves.
palmistry the practice or art of foretelling one's future or divining one's character by interpreting the lines or creases on the palm.
palmitic acid a fatty acid obtained from palm oil and other natural oils and fats that is used in making soaps.
palm leaf a leaf, esp. of a palmetto, that is used in making hats, fans, and the like.
palm off to sell or get someone to accept (something) by deception, as by misrepresenting it.
palm oil a yellow oil obtained from the fruit of various palms, used in making soaps, candles, cosmetics, and in some food products, such as chocolate.
Palm Sunday in many Christian churches, the Sunday before Easter, commemorating the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.
palm tree any of numerous, mainly tropical, evergreen plants, usu. unbranched and having a crown of large divided leaves, or fronds.
palmy flourishing or prosperous, as certain time periods. [2 definitions]