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palm off to sell or get someone to accept (something) by deception, as by misrepresenting it.
palm oil a yellow oil obtained from the fruit of various palms, used in making soaps, candles, cosmetics, and in some food products, such as chocolate.
Palm Sunday in many Christian churches, the Sunday before Easter, commemorating the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.
palm tree any of numerous, mainly tropical, evergreen plants, usu. unbranched and having a crown of large divided leaves, or fronds.
palmy flourishing or prosperous, as certain time periods. [2 definitions]
palmyra a fan palm of Asia and Africa cultivated for its durable wood, its edible fruit, its sap, used for beverages, and its leaves, used for thatching.
palomino one of a breed of horses that has a golden or tan coat and a whitish mane and tail.
paloverde any of several spiny, nearly leafless shrubs of southwestern North America that bear bright yellow flowers.
palp see "palpus."
palpable easy to sense or perceive; obvious. [2 definitions]
palpate to examine (an internal organ or an external part of the body) for medical reasons by touching or pressing.
palpitate of the heart, to pulsate rapidly; flutter; quiver. [2 definitions]
palpitation an act, instance, or condition of fluttering, quivering, or beating rapidly, as the heart.
palpus a jointed feeler or sense organ for tasting and touching that is attached to a head appendage or near the mouth in many crustaceans and insects.
palsy a muscular condition marked by uncontrolled movements, such as shaking or jerking. [3 definitions]
palter to speak or behave insincerely. [2 definitions]
paltry small, trifling, or worthless.
pampas a large, mostly treeless grassland in South America, esp. in Argentina.
pampas grass a tall ornamental grass found in South America that bears large, feathery, silvery or pink flower clusters.
pamper to treat or please with an uncommon or excessive amount of care, attention, or indulgence; coddle.
pamphlet a short printed publication that is unbound or has a paper binding, often written to inform on some topic or to address a controversial public issue.