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palpus a jointed feeler or sense organ for tasting and touching that is attached to a head appendage or near the mouth in many crustaceans and insects.
palsy a muscular condition marked by uncontrolled movements, such as shaking or jerking. [3 definitions]
palter to speak or behave insincerely. [2 definitions]
paltry small, trifling, or worthless.
pampas a large, mostly treeless grassland in South America, esp. in Argentina.
pampas grass a tall ornamental grass found in South America that bears large, feathery, silvery or pink flower clusters.
pamper to treat or please with an uncommon or excessive amount of care, attention, or indulgence; coddle.
pamphlet a short printed publication that is unbound or has a paper binding, often written to inform on some topic or to address a controversial public issue.
pamphleteer a writer or publisher of pamphlets that are often polemical. [2 definitions]
Pan in Greek mythology, the god of woods and fields and the protector of shepherds and flocks, represented with the legs and sometimes the horns and ears of a goat; Faunus.
pan an open, shallow container, usu. made of metal, designed for cooking, baking, or other household uses. [6 definitions]
pan- all.
panacea a remedy or solution for all diseases, ills, or difficulties; cure-all.
panache a confidently stylish, dashing, or flamboyant manner. [2 definitions]
Panama a Central American country on the border of South America. [3 definitions]
Panama Canal a canal that reaches from the Atlantic southeast through the Isthmus of Panama to the Pacific.
Panama hat a durable, lightweight, crushable hat made of the flexible strawlike leaves of a perennial that is native to Central and South America. [2 definitions]
Pan-American of, pertaining to, including, or representing North, Central, and South America or their peoples.
Pan American Exposition a world's fair held in 1901 in Buffalo, New York, where the use of electricity was the highlight and at which U.S. President William McKinley was assassinated.
Pan-Americanism any policy or theory advocating mutual aid and cooperation among the Pan-American nations, such as the establishment of political, economic, military, and cultural alliances.
panatela a long thin cigar.