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Pap test a microscopic examination of cells taken as a smear from the cervix of a woman, used to determine whether uterine cancer is present; Pap smear.
Papuan of or pertaining to Papua New Guinea or its people, culture, or the like. [5 definitions]
Papua New Guinea a Pacific island country that consists mainly of the eastern end of the island of New Guinea, which it shares with Indonesia.
papule a small, inflamed elevation of the skin; pimple.
papyrology the study and translation of papyrus manuscripts.
papyrus a tall reedlike water plant of the Nile valley. [3 definitions]
par the norm or the average in amount or degree; standard. [7 definitions]
para the smaller monetary unit of Yugoslavia. (Cf. dinar.)
para-1 beside. [5 definitions]
para-2 protection. [2 definitions]
parabiosis the natural or artificial physical joining of two individuals so that they share blood supply.
parable a brief story told as a moral or religious lesson, esp. one that uses allegory or symbolism.
parabola a plane curve such as that formed by the intersection of a right circular cone and a plane that is parallel to a straight line up the side of the cone, such curve resembling the path of an object that is thrown forward in the air and falls to earth.
parabolic of, related to, resembling, or having the form of a parabola.
paracetamol (chiefly British) a drug used to relieve pain and reduce fever but which does not significantly reduce inflammation; acetaminophen.
parachute a large device made of strong, thin cloth and attached cords in a conical arrangement, forming an umbrella that slows the descent of a person or heavy object, esp. one that has jumped or been dropped from an airplane. [4 definitions]
paraclete a person called upon to help; advocate; intercessor. [2 definitions]
parade a public procession of people or things, esp. on the occasion of a celebration or ceremony, and usu. including band music. [9 definitions]
parade rest a position, used in the military, in which the feet are held twelve inches apart, the hands are clasped behind the back, and the head is held erect and facing ahead.
paradiddle a pattern of beats, esp. on a snare drum, in which the right and left drumsticks alternate single strokes, followed by two beats of the right, followed by a reversal of this pattern.
paradigm an example, model, pattern, or the like. [2 definitions]