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paranoia a severe mental disorder marked by persistent and very exaggerated delusions of being grand or important, or of being persecuted by others. [2 definitions]
paranoid having or exhibiting an unrealistic suspicion and mistrust of others.
paranormal not explainable by scientific methods or on the basis of normal experience, esp. in the mental or psychic realm.
parapet a low protective wall or railing at the edge of a high platform, bridge, balcony, or the like. [2 definitions]
paraphernalia (used with a pl. verb) personal possessions, esp. small items. [2 definitions]
paraphrase a restatement of a passage or text in somewhat different words so as to simplify, clarify, or amplify. [4 definitions]
paraplegia paralysis of the legs and lower torso because of spinal cord injury or disease.
parapraxis an action in which a person's conscious intent is not entirely carried out, as in making errors or losing things.
paraprofessional a worker trained to assist a professional person in a semiprofessional capacity.
parapsychology the scientific study of mental phenomena, such as telepathy or clairvoyance, that have no current scientific explanation.
Para rubber crude rubber obtained from any of several tropical spurge trees of South America.
parasite an animal or plant that lives on or in another organism and draws sustenance from it. [2 definitions]
parasitic of, concerning, or caused by a parasite.
parasitism the method of existence or survival of a parasite. [2 definitions]
parasitize to live as a parasite on.
parasitology the scientific study of parasites and parasitism.
parasitosis a disease caused by any sort of parasites.
parasol a light umbrella used esp. by women as protection against the sun.
parasympathetic relating to those parts of the autonomic nervous system, found in the middle and back parts of the brain and the lower spinal cord, that oppose the work of the sympathetic system, as in dilating the pupils or slowing the heart beat.
parataxis the putting together of sentences, clauses, or phrases with no conjunctive words, as in, "Come in, it's getting cold".
parathion a highly poisonous liquid used as an insecticide.