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part. abbreviation of "participle" or "participial."
partake to take part; participate (usu. fol. by "in"). [4 definitions]
part company to terminate a friendship or association.
parterre the rear part of the main floor of a theater, usu. below the balconies. [2 definitions]
parthenogenesis a process of development of an egg without fertilization, as in some lower animals and plants.
Parthenon the temple of Athena built in the Doric style in the fifth century B.C. on the Acropolis in Athens.
Parthenos a descriptive addition, meaning "virgin," to the names of certain ancient Greek goddesses, esp. Athena.
Parthia an ancient country in southwest Asia originating in what is now northeastern Iran.
Parthian shot an unfriendly or sharp remark or gesture made as one departs; parting shot.
partial not complete. [4 definitions]
partiality the condition of being partial. [3 definitions]
partially partly; not completely.
partial tone in music, any of the pure tones that make up a complex tone; harmonic.
participant a person who participates or takes part. [2 definitions]
participate to take part; share (usu. fol. by "in").
participation the act or an instance of participating. [2 definitions]
participial of, like, pertaining to, or formed with a participle. [2 definitions]
participle in grammar, a verb form that combines with certain auxiliary verbs ("be" or "have") to give a verb in a sentence a particular aspect, either "perfect" or "progressive," or voice, either "active" or "passive." Participles can also serve the function of adjectives.
particle a minute quantity or piece; speck; trace. [2 definitions]
particle beam a stream of atomic or subatomic particles projected at extremely high speed and used in research, as into nuclear reactions, or in military weaponry.
particle board any of several boardlike building materials made by compressing wood chips, flakes, or sawdust with a bonding resin.