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partner a person associated with another in a common activity; associate. [6 definitions]
partnerless combined form of partner.
partnership in law, the joint ownership of a business. [2 definitions]
part of speech in grammar, one of the major categories by which words have traditionally been grouped, primarily according to their function, such as adjective, adverb, conjunction, interjection, noun, preposition, pronoun, and verb, in English.
partook past tense of partake.
partridge any of various stout-bodied game birds, including the grouse and bobwhite, usu. having brownish or grayish plumage.
partridgeberry a creeping woody North American plant that has round leaves and bears white flowers and scarlet berries.
part song a song written for several voice parts, to be sung without accompaniment.
part-time less than full time.
parturient giving birth or about to give birth; in labor. [2 definitions]
parturifacient bringing on or easing labor in childbirth. [2 definitions]
parturition the act or process of giving birth to a child; childbirth.
partway to some partial degree or extent; partly.
party a social gathering or event created for the purpose of celebration or pleasure and at which there is conversation, refreshment, and, usually, music or some other form of entertainment. [8 definitions]
party caucus a conference of persons belonging to the same political party, usually convened to nominate representatives or determine policy.
party line a telephone line shared by two or more subscribers. [2 definitions]
party man one who is loyal to a political party or who follows the party line.
party politics political practices intended to further the aims and interests of a political party, regardless of their effects on the public in general.
par value see "face value."
parvenu a person who has suddenly acquired wealth or status, without acquiring the tastes, manners, customs, or the like of his or her new station.
pas in ballet, a step or combination of steps.