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pasha formerly, a title given to a high-ranking Turkish official.
pashm the fine woolly underhair of domestic Himalayan goats.
pashmina a type of soft, fine wool from Asia; pashm. [2 definitions]
Pashto an Iranian language of Indo-European origin that is the main vernacular of eastern Afghanistan and parts of western Pakistan.
paso doble quick, spirited music often played at bullfights. [2 definitions]
pasqueflower any of various low-growing plants related to the anemone, that bloom in the spring bearing purple or white flowers.
pass to go past; move beyond. [33 definitions]
passable capable of being traversed, crossed, or passed through. [2 definitions]
passably moderately; reasonably.
passacaglia a slow, stately dance originating in Spain. [3 definitions]
passage the act of passing from one place or state to another. [9 definitions]
passageway a corridor or other way along or through which people or things may pass.
pass away (polite) to die.
passbook a book in which a bank customer's deposits and withdrawals are recorded; bankbook.
passť no longer in favor, fashion, or use; outmoded. [2 definitions]
passed ball in baseball, a pitch that a catcher should be able to catch, but does not, thus allowing any baserunner to advance. (Cf. wild pitch.)
passenger a person who is transported in an automobile, bus, ship, train, or other vehicle. [2 definitions]
passenger pigeon a formerly common variety of North American pigeon, which has been extinct since the early twentieth century.
passe-partout something that enables a person to go everywhere, esp. a passkey. [3 definitions]
passerby one who passes by, esp. by chance.
passerine of or concerning the largest order of birds, consisting chiefly of songbirds with feet suited for perching. [2 definitions]