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pawnbroker a person whose business is making loans at interest, secured by personal property left with him or her.
Pawnee a member of a confederation of North American Plains Indians, originally living in Kansas and Nebraska and now in northern Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
pawnshop a pawnbroker's shop or place of business.
pawn ticket a receipt given for goods taken to a pawnshop.
pawpaw variant of papaw.
Pax in Roman mythology, the goddess of peace; Irene.
pax vobiscum (Latin) peace be with you.
pay to give over money to (a person or business) in exchange for goods or services. [16 definitions]
payable due to be paid, as a debt. [2 definitions]
pay an arm and a leg (informal) to pay a lot of money, much more than one wishes to spend.
pay attention to direct your mind to (something); focus your attention on (usu. fol. by "to").
pay back to return what is owed or borrowed; repay.
paycheck a bank check in payment of wages or salary. [2 definitions]
payday the day on which one's wage or salary is paid.
pay dirt (informal) any source of wealth, money, or success. [2 definitions]
payload the revenue-producing number or weight of passengers, cargo, or the like that a vehicle can or does carry. [3 definitions]
paymaster a person employed or authorized by an organization to pay wages and salaries.
payment the act or an instance of paying. [3 definitions]
payoff the full payment of a debt, salary, wager, or the like. [3 definitions]
pay off to finish payments on (a debt). [3 definitions]
pay off a score to retaliate in response to a grievance or hurt.