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peacetime a time or period when a country is not at war.
peach a soft, juicy, edible fruit that has downy yellow or reddish skin and a single large rough stone. [4 definitions]
peachy peachlike in taste, texture, color, or the like. [2 definitions]
peacock a male peafowl, notable for its long colorful tail, which it can raise and spread like a fan. [3 definitions]
peafowl either of two very large Asian pheasants, the males of which have long colorful tails, which they can raise and spread like a fan. (See peacock.)
pea green a light yellowish green color.
peahen a female peafowl.
pea jacket a short double-breasted coat made of thick navy blue wool, originally worn by sailors.
peak the top part of a mountain that tapers to a point, or such a mountain itself. [7 definitions]
peaked1 having a peak or peaks; pointed.
peaked2 having a pale, sickly appearance.
peal a loud ringing of bells, esp. bells of different tones. [5 definitions]
peanut a pod, or one of the oily, nutlike, edible seeds it encloses, of a plant of the legume family that matures its seed pods underground. [2 definitions]
peanut butter a paste made by grinding roasted peanuts, used as a spread in sandwiches or the like or in cooking.
pear a rounded, white-fleshed, edible fruit that narrows at the stem end. [2 definitions]
pearl a smooth, hard, glossy deposit, valued as a gem, that is formed inside the shells of oysters and some other mollusks to cover an irritant object such as a grain of sand. [8 definitions]
pearl ash a white powdery substance used to manufacture soap, glass, and the like; potassium carbonate.
pearlescent having a soft lustrous iridescence.
pearl gray a pale bluish gray color.
pearly like a pearl, esp. in whiteness or luster. [2 definitions]
peasant a member of the class of farm laborers and small farmers, esp. in Europe. [2 definitions]