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pearlescent having a soft lustrous iridescence.
pearl gray a pale bluish gray color.
pearly like a pearl, esp. in whiteness or luster. [2 definitions]
peasant a member of the class of farm laborers and small farmers, esp. in Europe. [2 definitions]
peasantry peasants collectively.
peashooter a slender tube used as a toy weapon, through which dried peas, beans, or other pellets can be blown.
pea soup a thick soup made from dried split peas. [2 definitions]
peat soil, usu. from a marshy area, that is rich in partly decayed organic matter and can be used as fuel or fertilizer.
peat moss any of various mosses that grow in wet areas and that may be dried and burned as fuel.
peavey a heavy wooden lever that has a metal hook at the end, used in handling logs.
pebble a small rock rounded by the action of water. [4 definitions]
pebbly covered with pebbles. [2 definitions]
pecan an edible nut that has a thin, smooth, oval shell. [2 definitions]
peccadillo a minor sin or offense, or a slight fault.
peccant sinful; immoral. [2 definitions]
peccary either of two piglike mammals of semitropical and tropical America that are smaller than pigs and have dark dense hair.
peccavi a confession of one's sin or guilt.
peck1 in the US, a unit of capacity equal to eight quarts or 8.81 liters. Used primarily for dry measure. [4 definitions]
peck2 to strike, nip, or pick up with the beak. [7 definitions]
pecker one that pecks. [2 definitions]
pecking order a social order or ranking among a group of animals such as chickens, wherein the strongest actively intimidates the others, the second strongest intimidates all but the strongest, and so forth. [2 definitions]