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pedal point a single continuous musical tone, usu. in the bass, that is sustained while the other parts progress through harmonic changes.
pedal pushers calf-length pants worn by women or girls.
pedal steel an electrified steel guitar mounted on legs and equipped with pedals that provide added modulations of pitch.
pedant one who makes an excessive or offensive display of learnedness. [2 definitions]
pedantic making or characterized by an excessive display of learnedness, or overly insistent on scholarly details and formalities.
pedantry the act or practice, or an instance, of flaunting one's learnedness or of being overly insistent on scholarly formalities or details.
pedate having or resembling a foot or feet.
peddle to offer (goods) for sale on the street or from door to door. [3 definitions]
peddler one who sells goods in the street or from door to door.
-pede variant of -ped.
pederast a man who has sexual relations, esp. anal intercourse, with another male, esp. a boy.
pedestal a support or base for a column, statue, lamp, or the like. [3 definitions]
pedestrian a person who is walking, esp. on or near a street. [4 definitions]
pedestrian crossing a marked path across a road in which pedestrians have the right of way.
pedi- foot.
pediatrician a doctor specializing in the medical care of children.
pediatrics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of medicine concerned with the diseases and medical care of children.
pedicab a type of transportation originating in Asia, having three wheels and two passenger seats, and powered by a person pedaling; cycle rickshaw; bicycle rickshaw.
pedicel a small stalk that bears a single flower or fruit. [2 definitions]
pediculosis the condition of being infested with lice.
pedicure cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, or a single such treatment.