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peel1 to pull, tear, or cut the outer covering from. [6 definitions]
peel2 a spadelike instrument with a long handle used for putting goods to be baked into an oven, or for removing them again.
peeler a kitchen tool used for removing the skin of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips, or of thin-skinned fruits such as apples.
peeling a piece that has been peeled off something, such as a strip of potato skin.
peen a ball-shaped or wedge-shaped end opposite the flat striking surface on the head of a hammer. [2 definitions]
peep1 to look quickly or furtively, often through a narrow opening or from a hiding place. [5 definitions]
peep2 a weak, shrill, short sound, as of a young bird. [4 definitions]
peeper1 any of various frogs that make a peeping sound. [2 definitions]
peeper2 a person who looks in a furtive and often prying manner. [2 definitions]
peephole a small hole or opening through which one may look, as in a door or fortification.
Peeping Tom a person who gets sexual gratification from secretly watching others; voyeur.
peep show an exhibition of pictures or objects, as in a box, to be viewed through a small opening, sometimes with a magnifying lens. [2 definitions]
peer1 a person of the same rank, status, age group, ability, or the like as another person. [2 definitions]
peer2 to look closely, searchingly, or with difficulty. [2 definitions]
peerage the peers of a country, collectively. [3 definitions]
peeress the widow or wife of a peer. [2 definitions]
peer group a group of people of about the same age, social status, political affiliation, or the like, regarded as forming a sociological group sharing a common set of values.
peerless having no equal; unmatched in excellence.
peeve a cause of irritation or annoyance. [2 definitions]
peeved irritated; annoyed.
peevish irritable or easily annoyed; ill-tempered.