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people human beings; persons. [7 definitions]
peopleless combined form of people.
people's front see "popular front."
People's Republic of China official name for China, a large, populous East Asian country bordering the Pacific Ocean.
pep (informal) lively energy or spirit; vigor. [3 definitions]
peplum a flounce or flared piece sewn to the waist of a dress, blouse, or coat, that extends to and encircles the hips.
pepper a spicy condiment obtained from the dried, esp. black berries of any of various tropical vines of the East Indies. [8 definitions]
pepper-and-salt composed of or speckled with a mixture of black and white.
peppercorn the dried black berry of the tropical East Indian pepper plant. [2 definitions]
peppergrass any of several plants bearing small white flowers and pungent seeds, such as garden cress, that are used as potherbs or salad vegetables.
pepper grinder a device used generally in the home or in a restaurant for grinding peppercorns; pepper mill.
pepper mill a small hand mill used for grinding peppercorns.
peppermint a kind of mint plant that bears small pink or white flowers and is grown for its sharp, pungent oil. [3 definitions]
pepperoni a hard, highly spiced Italian sausage made of beef and pork.
pepper pot a West Indian stew made of meat or fish and vegetables, and flavored with cassava juice, red pepper, and other seasonings. [2 definitions]
pepper shaker a container with a perforated top, used to hold and dispense ground pepper.
pepper tree a South American ornamental evergreen tree bearing compound leaves and yellowish white flowers.
peppery seasoned with or as if with pepper; spicy. [4 definitions]
pep pill (informal) a pill, tablet, or capsule containing a stimulant such as amphetamine.
peppy full of energy or pep; lively; animated.
pep rally a gathering, usu. before a school athletic event, to arouse enthusiasm.