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perceivable capable of being known by means of the senses; perceptible.
perceive to become aware of by means of the senses. [2 definitions]
perceived as it seems in the mind; supposed.
percent one part or unit of each hundred, or a fraction expressed as parts of a hundred. (abbr.: pct.) [3 definitions]
percentage some portion of a whole based on a total of one hundred parts. [3 definitions]
percentile in statistics, any one of one hundred equal-sized groups into which a great number of test scores or other data are divided for the purpose of ranking.
percept something perceived by the senses. [2 definitions]
perceptible capable of being perceived.
perception that which is received through the senses. [3 definitions]
perceptive having keen perception, insight, or intuitive understanding. [2 definitions]
perceptual of, relating to, or involving perception.
perch1 a rod, branch, or the like on which birds sit. [6 definitions]
perch2 any of various edible freshwater fishes that have spiny fins. [2 definitions]
perchance in literary use, maybe or possibly; perhaps.
Percheron any of a breed of large draft horse, usu. gray or black.
perchlorate a salt or ester of perchloric acid.
perchloric acid a strong acid of hydrogen, chlorine, and oxygen that is unstable in some conditions, is a powerful oxidizing agent, and is used as a catalyst and in explosives.
percipient having an acute power of perception or discernment; perceptive.
percolate to cause (a liquid) to trickle or pass through something porous, such as a filter. [6 definitions]
percolator a coffee pot that makes coffee by repeatedly forcing boiling water up through a hollow center tube and filtering it through a basket filled with coffee grounds.
percussion the forceful striking of one usu. hard object against another, esp. when sound is produced on impact. [4 definitions]