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per se (Latin) in or by itself or themselves; intrinsically.
per second per second a unit that expresses the rate of change of a rate of change, such as acceleration, which is the rate of change of velocity.
persecute to subject (esp. those belonging to a different political, religious, or racial group) to persistent harassment, punishment, or ill-treatment. [2 definitions]
persecution the act of persecuting, or the condition or fact of being persecuted. [2 definitions]
Perseid any of numerous meteors visible in the night sky around mid-August each year.
Persephone in Greek mythology, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, carried off by Hades to the underworld and thereafter permitted to spend only half the year back in the world. The myth presents this cycle of loss and return as the origin of the seasons.
Perseus in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Danae, who slew Medusa and used her head with its fatal stare to save Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus. [2 definitions]
perseverance steadfast continuance in a course of action, task, or belief.
perseverate to manifest or experience perseveration. [2 definitions]
perseveration the pathological continuation or repetition of an action, gesture, or expression, such as a word or phrase. [2 definitions]
persevere to continue steadfastly in a task or course of action or hold steadfastly to a belief or commitment, esp. when met with opposition or difficulties; persist.
persevering steadfast in following a course of action or holding a belief; tenacious; persistent.
Persia an ancient empire that flourished in southwestern Asia from about the sixth to the fourth century B.C., centered in what is now Iran; Persian Empire. [2 definitions]
Persian of or pertaining to Iran or Persia or its people, culture, language, or the like. [5 definitions]
Persian cat any of a breed of domestic cat that was originally developed in Persia and the Middle East and that has long hair and a broad, round head.
Persian Gulf an extension of the Arabian Sea between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.
Persian lamb the silky, tightly curled black or gray pelt of a lamb of the karakul sheep of Asia, used in the making of fur coats and hats.
Persian rug a handwoven rug made in Iran, having rich, harmonious colors in a variety of complex floral, foliate, and animal patterns.
persiflage playful teasing; banter. [2 definitions]
persimmon a juicy, orange or reddish fruit, larger than but similar to a plum in texture of skin and pulp, or any of the mostly tropical trees that bear this fruit.
persist to endure or continue steadfastly, stubbornly, or tenaciously. [3 definitions]