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personal computer a compact computer designed for individual use; microcomputer.
personal effects the personal belongings of an individual, esp. those worn or carried such as clothing, identification, keys, and the like.
personal foul in some team sports, a foul involving unnecessarily rough body contact with an opponent.
Personal Identification Number an identification number entered on a keypad to gain remote electronic access to one's bank account or other financial accounts.
personality that which distinguishes a person from others; collective characteristic qualities of a person. [3 definitions]
personalize to attribute or apply (something general) to oneself specifically. [3 definitions]
personally in person; without the aid of others. [4 definitions]
personal property movable property such as furniture, vehicles, and the like, as opposed to real estate.
personal responsibility the principle that one is responsible for one's own behavior, regardless of the behavior of others.
personalty personal property, as opposed to real estate.
persona non grata (Latin) a person who is unacceptable or unwelcome, esp. a diplomat to the government to which he or she has been assigned.
personate1 to act or portray (a character in a play or masquerade). [3 definitions]
personate2 in biology, having masklike markings. [2 definitions]
personhood the fact or condition of being a person. [2 definitions]
personification a person considered to be a perfect example or embodiment of some quality or other abstraction. [3 definitions]
personify to be a perfect or typical example of; embody. [3 definitions]
personnel all of the employees of a business, the armed forces, or other organization. [2 definitions]
perspective a technique of representation in three dimensions and in appropriate spatial relationships on a flat surface, or a design or depiction using this technique. [4 definitions]
perspicacious keenly perceptive or understanding; discerning.
perspicacity keenness of mental perception or grasp; astuteness.
perspicuity clearness of expression; lucidity.