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perspicacious keenly perceptive or understanding; discerning.
perspicacity keenness of mental perception or grasp; astuteness.
perspicuity clearness of expression; lucidity.
perspicuous presented clearly; easily understood.
perspiration the act or process of excreting moisture through the pores of the skin; sweating. [2 definitions]
perspire to exude moisture through the pores of the skin; sweat. [2 definitions]
persuade to cause (another) to do something through reasoning, arguing, or appealing to the emotions. [2 definitions]
persuasion the act of persuading. [3 definitions]
persuasive having the ability to cause another to do or believe something.
pert impudent or saucy. [2 definitions]
pertain to relate or refer to something; have to do with. [3 definitions]
pertinacious tenacious in purpose, opinion, or the like; persevering. [2 definitions]
pertinacity the quality or condition of being tenacious, stubbornly determined, or perseverant.
pertinent of, concerning, or connected to a subject; relevant.
perturb to cause great disturbance in (the mind); agitate or worry. [3 definitions]
perturbable combined form of perturb.
perturbation the act of perturbing, or the condition of being perturbed.
pertussis whooping cough.
Peru a South American country on the Pacific coast between Ecuador and Chile.
peruke a wig such as those worn by men in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, often powdered, arranged in large rolls over the ears, and tied at the nape in a ribbon; periwig.
perusal the act or an instance of reading. [2 definitions]