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petroleum jelly petrolatum.
petrology the scientific study and classification of rocks.
petropolitics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the management or influencing of international relations based on control of the amount of petroleum available on the world market.
petrous of or pertaining to the dense, hard portion of the human temporal bone that contains the internal auditory organs. [2 definitions]
PET scanner a medical diagnostic technology that uses radioactive tracer material to provide visual information about the activities of the brain.
petticoat a woman's underskirt, like a slip or half-slip but usu. fuller and more ornamented with lace, ruffles, or bows.
pettifogger one who quibbles over trifles, esp. an unscrupulous lawyer.
petting zoo a zoo with docile animals which children can touch and feed.
pettish in, or as if in, a pet; petulant; ill-tempered.
petty of little importance, interest, or consequence; trivial. [4 definitions]
petty bourgeois variant of petit bourgeois.
petty cash a small supply of cash, kept esp. in a business office, that is used to pay minor charges or purchase incidentals.
petty jury see "petit jury."
petty larceny theft in which the value of the goods stolen does not exceed a relatively low amount determined by law. (Cf. grand larceny.)
petty officer a noncommissioned naval officer.
petulance the state or quality of being easily or unreasonably irritated, impatient, or ill tempered.
petulant showing or inclined to show sudden or unreasonable irritation, impatience, or ill temper; peevish or sulky.
petunia any of several common garden plants, originating in the American tropics, that bear white to purple, funnel-shaped flowers.
pew a stationary church bench with a back and often arms at the ends, usu. one of several arranged in rows facing the altar. [2 definitions]
pewee either of two small North American woodland flycatchers.
pewit the lapwing.