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-phage something that eats or destroys (used in naming phagocytes).
phago- eating.
phagocyte a cell, esp. a leukocyte, that surrounds and ingests foreign particles, microorganisms, and other cells in the blood and tissues.
-phagous eating, feeding on, or destroying (something specified).
-phagy the eating of (such) a substance.
phalanger any of various small, herbivorous, tree-dwelling marsupials of Australia that have foxlike ears, dense woolly fur, and a long bushy tail.
phalanx a body of infantry soldiers in ancient Greece, kept in close formation for protection. [3 definitions]
phalarope any of several small wading birds that have lobed toes for swimming.
phallic of, concerning, or similar to the phallus.
phallicism veneration of the phallus as a symbol of male creative power.
phallus an image or likeness of the male sex organ, esp. as a symbol of sexual power or the generative power in nature. [2 definitions]
phantasm a ghost or phantom; specter. [3 definitions]
phantasmagoria a quickly changing series of illusory or fantastic images, as experienced in dreams. [2 definitions]
phantasy variant of fantasy.
phantom an unreal or illusory figure, such as a ghost or specter; apparition. [4 definitions]
pharaoh a king of ancient Egypt, or (cap.) the title of any one of these kings.
pharisaic (cap.) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Pharisees. [3 definitions]
pharisaism (cap.) the beliefs, doctrines, and practices of the Pharisees. [2 definitions]
pharisee (cap.) a member of an ancient Jewish sect that adhered strictly to oral and written religious law and believed in the appearance of a Messiah. [2 definitions]
pharmaceutical of or relating to pharmacists or medicinal drugs. [2 definitions]
pharmaceutics (used with a sing. verb) the science or profession of preparing and dispensing drugs.